Presenting Lovers of Convenience:

Characters of Lover's of Convenience

Sexually dissatisfied Jasmine and overachiever Drew argue most intensely because Jasmine (an entrepreneur) refuses to set business hours. She takes calls on her cell or makes calls in effort to attain control considering she is sexually frustrated by Drew, who is well accomplished in his career and views her philanthropist as an act to check out of the relationship.


Over-nagging homemaker Victoria and well fit, hard-worker Rommel, are drifting away with the demands of family life and Romel’s monstrous desire to know everything professionally about his career. Victoria constantly pesters Rommel about longing to be cherished and spending time together

Over-naive Tatiana (sister of Victoria) and self-satisfied Cecil are holding on by a thread. Tatiana continually attempts to please Cecil in his dream to have children, but suffers from having children due to a medical complication, while her husband Cecil continues to strive to have children following his own path.

Picture-perfect Chantal and straight up, well polished Rico start a journey. However, Chantal is contentious of settling for a guy with kids and Victoria’s not so hidden crush on Rico.
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