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Welcome to a website dedicated to interaccial erotica romance author J. Bliss, the author of three books on inspiration including Determining Your Journey, Hidden Secrets of Motherhood, and Loving Your Marriage. She recently completed the first of the trilogy of  her next release of hot sex between Drew and Jasmine.

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Overview: Not by Chance

Drew Rodd has the desire to escape the shadow of his parents and avoid following in the footsteps of his father and his destructive tendencies. At just twenty-four, Drew is promoted to Executive Director at Rival Tech.

Drew’s way of life involves a constant struggle with his father’s devious intentions and manipulations. He is always seeking to prick and prod Drew to advance and become a pawn to further his own success. Drew is determined to value his hate to get ahead professionally, but the beasts from his past keep lurking.

Jasmine Chance is in her last year of college, a challenge she chose after suffering through physical abuse and leaving home without ever looking back. She has done all she can to carry on toward graduating with her college degree, she believes a brighter future will keep her away from the nightmare that was her childhood. However, her life changes forever the day she met Drew.

A dinner party draws the two together in an electrifying way. After being preyed upon by their pasts, they stick together closely as a couple once their life circles out of whack. Will their electrifying romance be their saving grace or will it destroy them?


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